Moncton Lions Community Center

473 St George St.
Moncton, NB, E1C 1Y2

Telephone number: (506) 382-8560

Person Responsible for Rental:

Pat Layden
T: (506) 382-8560

Number of spaces available: 5

1. Multi-function Space
Approx. Dimension: 50X40
Theatre: 200
Classroom: 170
Dining: 170
2. Multi-function Space
Approx. Dimension: 52X27
Theatre: 100
Classroom: 42
Dining: 50
3. Meeting Room
Approx. Dimension: Board Room
Classroom: 12 chairs
4. Multi-function Space
Approx. Dimension: 25x35
Theatre: 60
Classroom: 30
Dining: 60
5. Pre-function Space
Approx. Dimension: 22x26
Theatre: 50
Classroom: 18
Dining: 30
More spaces: We do have an extra room available in the evenings, Meeting room
in board room style 12 chairs.
In House Services
Audio-Video: sound system located in our largest room - Auditorium @ $ 25.00 user fee. Small portable sound system @$ 10.00 charge. We also have a 47" flat screen T.V/DVD combo, with PC hook up for power points. HDMI
Bar: Yes
Coat Check: No
Parking: Yes
Catering: Yes
Others advantages or specifications or precisions: We provide ice water for all room rentals, and we rent flip charts and screens. Closed on Sundays.